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About Planet Vampire
Planet Vampire originally launched in October 1999 as a fansite for the PC game Vampire: the Masquerade - Redemption, which was released in June 2000. The game's revolutionary multiplayer mode was a hit, and this site served as a hub for the diverse roleplaying community that soon followed. Popular mods like Within the Darkness and the World of Darkness pen-and-paper mod found homes at PV. The community is not as large as it used to be, but plenty of dedicated fans continue to create new content even today.

In late 2004 the Dilapidation community merged with PV, making us a fansite for Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines as well. Bloodlines was the first game other than Half-Life 2 to use the Source engine, and its brooding atmosphere and hybrid FPS/RPG gameplay made it the cult classic that it is today. Like Redemption, it continues to benefit from the work of dedicated fans who have steadily churned out new mods and patches ever since the demise of the game's original developers.

In November 2006 CCP Games purchased White Wolf and they jointly announced their plans of developing an MMO based on the World of Darkness. PV committed to support the MMO and its developing fanbase, and we became the first site to launch a forum dedicated to the upcoming title. In the years since, we have served as a repository of any and all WoD MMO-related news, videos and other developments. In March 2010 the first screnshots and video from the MMO's development process became available, and PV overhauled its entire website to better prepare for the upcoming game, while continuing to support the long-standing communities of Bloodlines and Redemption.
Staff Members
Current Site Director: samspin. I played a demo version of Redemption many years ago, and was given a copy of Bloodlines by a friend. At the time I did not have Internet access at home so never discovered the online portions of Redemption at the time. In January 2013 I was reintroduced to this game for online roleplay in the Classic World of Darkness setting. I now play RP in Redempton online every week via Tunngle as the original online service WON.NET closed many years ago. I acknowledge I am late to the party, but I have a keen interest in preserving and archiving any content that many people- past and present- have created for these games. I discovered this website (at the time addressed as and took an interest in supporting where I can. In January 2014 I petitioned IGN for the original '' domain name on behalf of the community and to my shocking delight, they eventually agreed to donate the domain name, no strings attached. As of July 2014 I have been promoted to site director. Although I am not too good with programming and graphic design, I have a keen attention to detail with backend administration. I now provide the dedicated hosting for this website and forum. I have made available an archive of the IGN-era version of at . I am always up for RP in Redemption and am sittng in Tunngle most nights in the Redemption channel as 'samspin'. Any questions? Come and find me on the forum or add me on Skype as 'voiceofthemysterons'. I've just realised this goes on for quite awhile now. Thank you for reading this far with such patience!

Former Site Director: _username (also known as Skyra to Hollow). _username was a Redemption player, then eventually a storyteller for the old Redemption roleplaying group Triangle of Roleplayers. In 2001 he became the lead developer for the Vampire client in World of Darkness 1.02. In 2004 he attended E3 to report on Bloodlines a few months before its release, and in 2005 he became Site Director for Planet Vampire. Also, he just might be one of the last 10 hardcore Wraith fans left in this world.

Marketing Manager: Signothorn (pronounced "Sign o' Thorn"). As a member of the Dilapidation community, he joined PV during the big merge and stood out as a forum moderator. These days he serves as our marketing rep, researching the community and seeking out ways to improve our site. In 2009 his efforts led to PV becoming one of the first 50 sites to be inducted into CCP's "Dark Pack", a ring of sanctioned fansites. Also, something about Lindsay Lohan. And a foot fetish.

ForumPlanet Liaison: Dante Malice. As a long-time moderator on Planet Elder Scrolls, Dante has provided us with valuable insights into the operations of fellow ForumPlanet communities. Like PV, PES has a diverse fanbase dedicated to a long-running franchise of PC games. ForumPlanet has since closed, but his work has not been lost nor forgotten as we have managed to transfer our forum data to independent hosting prior to the complete closure.

World of Darkness MMO Specialist: non applicable. That's his name. The MMO was announced in 2006 and news has been scattered and infrequent. Nonetheless, he has taken up the job of rounding up all the little interviews, screenshots, photos and other pieces that together give us a view into the game's development. Unfortunately the MMO has since been cancelled but we
hope CCP, the current owner of the WOD IP, will make up for this in the future.

Bloodlines Specialist: Wesp5. To many fans of Bloodlines, Wesp needs no introduction. In 2004 he began a project to make an "unofficial patch" for the game. Dozens and dozens of iterations later, he still stands as one of the most dedicated members of the modding community, and his efforts have contributed greatly to the game's longevity. When he isn't modding, he helps keep our Bloodlines file area organized.

Redemption Specialist: Javokis (pronounced "zha-VAH-kiss", formerly known as Rainmoon). As one of the first modders for Redemption, he has been pushing the game's limits and expanding the community's horizons for a solid decade. When he isn't working on animation and mapping tutorials, he keeps the Redemption file section organized. You may visit his website at

In addition to their jobs described above, all staff members are responsible for moderating the forum and keeping this site organized and current within their respective areas of expertise.