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Chiasm IRC Chatlog

Emileigh Rohn, better known to the Vampire community as Chiasm, joined us on December 18th 2004 in PlanetVampire's #bloodlines for a chat session with the fans. Her song "Isolated" appears on the Bloodlines soundtrack and in-game as the music from Therese and Jeanette's club, the Asylum. The chat itself was a casual affair without moderation where the members could ask Emileigh questions regarding her music or whatever else they were curious about.

It was a very cool event and special thanks to go Emileigh (of course) and KrushRadio's DJ Aghast for helping to line up Emileigh and replaying his excellent Bloodlines themed radio show during the chat session. What follows is a condensed version of the chat log with most of the extraneous conversation removed leaving only the direct questions and answers in an easy to read format.

AnarchY: when is Chiasm coming?
Aghast: She should be here soon.
* PV-Visitor is now known as chiasm
chiasm: hi
DanVanCrone: voila! :D
PaladinGunn: hi!
Aghast: Speak of the devil!
chiasm: :)
DanVanCrone: thanks for paying us a visit, chiasm.
DanVanCrone: i, uh... don't really have an itinery
DanVanCrone: so just get comfy :)
chiasm: ok
chiasm: i've got a cappuccino and a pot of coffee
Piranha5p33d5: Tell us of your dark electro wisdom!
DanVanCrone: oh yes, tell us! tell us!
chiasm: what do you want to know?

AnarchY: if there's a cd available :)
chiasm: "Disorder" has recently "sold out" but Metropolis has some.

Piranha5p33d5: How did you attain such a vision into creating your memorable music?
chiasm: the project did come to me as a vision, i was nuts enough to try it.

DanVanCrone: and i'd like to know how you got involved. were you asked for by name or did activision just contact your label and say "we need some awesome music for a game about vampires."
chiasm: activision contacted the label after selecting my song
chiasm: I just know when my label called me about it they had no idea what it was
chiasm: i found out the title after a fan found me

DanVanCrone: do you know who was behind nominating you?
chiasm: I'd imagine whoever was picking the songs just liked it
DanVanCrone: whoever it was they knew their shit

Elucidate: This may seem semi-odd, but have you listened to any of Gary Numan's recent work?
chiasm: i'm not sure..i listen to a lot of public radio and they may have played it

AnarchY: do u have a homepage?

PaladinGunn: what tools do you use, as synthesizer, sampler and the such?
chiasm: all hardware, mostly korg, roland, novation, emu

Piranha5p33d5: Have you ever contemplated working some clubs in Australia?
chiasm: i contemplate everything..
Piranha5p33d5: *Rubs hands together excitedly*

DanVanCrone: have you toured overseas?
chiasm: so far I've never traveled abroad

AnarchY: r you coming to europe?
chiasm: i'd like to
Piranha5p33d5: Everyone would welcome you with open arms internationally, so get those plane tickets sometime
chiasm: i'll plan on it

DanVanCrone: so who do you listen to?
chiasm: i listen to everything
DanVanCrone: well I like to think i'm as eclectic as the next person but I definitely have some favourites i and name-drop when the occasion calls for it *nudge*
chiasm: i like project pitchfork

Piranha5p33d5: Are you 'into' or do you enjoy the vampire genre Em?
chiasm: yes, i go to the "electro/industrial" clubs.
chiasm: not super goth, but I can pretend.

Piranha5p33d5: Not goth, but do u enjoy vamp films etc..? Im definately not into the dark eye makeup myself but vamps are just great
chiasm: i like the nosferatu film
chiasm: and the kindred was cool

Piranha5p33d5: Did Activision give u any copies of Bloodlines to try out?
chiasm: they were supposed to send me one, but I think the label kept it.
Piranha5p33d5: Those damn labels. Wouldnt the world be a better place without them, lawyers and Disney?
DanVanCrone: its too bad, em. it is really quite cool to walk into the club and hear your song start playing :)
DanVanCrone: i can only imagine it would be cooler for you
chiasm: yeah, I may just buy a copy
Piranha5p33d5: U can even dance to it!
chiasm: i'd like to see it

Die_Giant_Monster_Die: chiasm-- were you famaliar with Vampire: the Masquerade before you were approached about Bloodlines?
chiasm: yes, they used to have a role playing night at a club I performed at frequently.
chiasm: there were t-shirts everywhere

Piranha5p33d5: Do you have a particular club you just love performing in?
chiasm: it's usually more about who I'm performing with than where the show is
chiasm: I liked Montreal, though.

Die_Giant_Monster_Die: Just who is "chiasm"?
chiasm: just me
chiasm: Emileigh Rohn
Piranha5p33d5: 1 Girl Army

Die_Giant_Monster_Die: chiasm-- How did you come to that name: "chiasm"?
chiasm: from the "optic chiasm". I studied neuropsychology in grad school.
Elucidate: Activation-synthesis theory. ;)
chiasm: very good.

Piranha5p33d5: What are your thoughts on Relapse thus far? Is it everything u hoped?
chiasm: yes. I just heard one of the bonus remixes for it last night. way cool.
Piranha5p33d5: Excellent! How is COP going to market your tunes. Will it be available down under?
chiasm: probably the same way they did "Disorder". It'll be available through them, or amazon, borders, etc.. some industrial friendly shops should have it.

Die_Giant_Monster_Die: If you were a color, what color would you be?
chiasm: clear

Die_Giant_Monster_Die: If you were a metal, what metal would you be?
chiasm: titanium

AnarchY: Are there any plans to release any albums in europe?
chiasm: yes, COP International is based in California and Germany.

DHR: Do you have any plans of touring europe too?
chiasm: when I can afford it.

Piranha5p33d5: What kind of overall theme or feeling did you have in mind behind "Isolated". Does it have relevance to your own feelings at one point in general or is there a broader scope involved?
chiasm: there's a story about isolated here:
DanVanCrone: damn, i just read that story
Piranha5p33d5: Oh my God, a MOUSE!
chiasm: :)
AnarchY: you must be a sensitive person
chiasm: you could say that.
AnarchY: i don't see anyone writing about a mouse
AnarchY: but then again:
AnarchY: We love it:)
chiasm: yay!
AnarchY: :)
Die_Giant_Monster_Die: "Isolated" trumps Michael Jackson's "Ben" any day. ;)
DanVanCrone: rofl!!
PaladinGunn: Mouse gone kinda Zombie too, what with eating brain and all
Piranha5p33d5: Yeah, Carni would have taken Ben to town. "Braiiins!"
chiasm: oh, yes. he was freaky.
Piranha5p33d5: That's about as far away from my own theme as possible! lol. though! It goes to show that songs can be so open in the fact that we interpret them in our own ways
chiasm: yes, i like open interpretations.
chiasm: lol.
Piranha5p33d5: LOL a mouse that diablarized it's brethren

DHR: How were you approached and asked to contribute to the soundtrack then? What did it feel like to be put on the same disc as older more established acts like Ministry
chiasm: here's what happened: my label calls my cellphone in a panic, says I'm faxing this thing for you to sign and send back, immediately, i don't know what it is, but it has to do with vampires. 2 months later, someone finds me on myspace and says, "i love your track isolated in this game" then I searched it out, and there it was. pretty cool.

DHR: Do you have specic gear you like to use then?
chiasm: yes, my Korg workstation is my first love.

DanVanCrone: in the song - "the monsters make me hide" is the lyrics, I believe.
DanVanCrone: are people the monsters?
chiasm: yes
Piranha5p33d5: Is that "ill never crawl again, ill never fall again"?
chiasm: yes

drunk_baron: so u do all your own music?
chiasm: that's correct.

Die_Giant_Monster_Die: What kind of equipment do you use?
chiasm: Korg, Roland, EMU, Novation, Mackie
chiasm: all hardware
chiasm: I have a piano background, so the virtual stuff just doesn't do it for me.

Piranha5p33d5: Do you do much of your own work at home? I mean.. do u have a studio?
chiasm: yes, my bedroom is my studio

DHR: Sounds weird, but have you ever tried hooking up guitar fx pedals via your electronic gear, you can get some really decent effects
chiasm: yes, I have tried that. I have the sovtek "big muff" distortion pedal made from russian bomb parts.

Piranha5p33d5: That must be a great freedom, to walk a few feet and get down to business doing what you love

ddarkeh: I have a Roland Groovebox MC303 but other than that virtual can't afford more hardware
chiasm: a friend just sold me a 505, pretty fun.
PaladinGunn: the 505 is fun, it has a lot more thing than the 303, actually I had both at some time, and a groovesynth

Piranha5p33d5: Is there anyone you want to work with in the future?
chiasm: I mean as far as the writing process.
chiasm: I wouldn't mind working with Bjork, :)
PaladinGunn: who wouldn't ^^
Piranha5p33d5: That would be interesting!

DHR: How you you personaly approach a new piece of gear then? Are you one of these people that sits down and learns what everything does, one thing at a time, or do you just start messing around with it?
chiasm: I attempt to read the manual, then dive in.

DHR: When do you consider a project to be finished then?
Piranha5p33d5: Yeah, what makes you think "Yep! Thats good to go"
chiasm: that's a difficult one for me. most of my songs have 5 or 6 versions, and when enough people say, "just release it, dammit!", then it's done. :)
PaladinGunn: so you're a perfectionnist then?
chiasm: i wouldn't say that. it looks like a tornado went through here.

DHR: Okay, what song thats now on a record would you go back and change?
chiasm: enemy.
DHR: why
chiasm: The "first" (really more like the third) version is on the demo album, "Embryonic", then I sped it up for "Disorder", and there's a completely different version I do live too. I think that track may never really be finished.

Piranha5p33d5: Are you still willing to put your own ST to Extinguish?
chiasm: yes, I just haven't gotten the chance to do it yet. It's on my list. hopefully soon, since the new album is ready now.

Die_Giant_Monster_Die: chiasm, do you have any "traditional" or "formal" musical training?
chiasm: yes, I started piano lessons when I was five, and took them through highschool then was self-taught from there. Also took lots of choir/theatre performance in school. took flute for 2 years, hated it.

Mireneye: Do you have any Unreleased stuff ?
chiasm: lots of unreleased stuff. I've been rotating a few tracks on myspace.

Piranha5p33d5: Is that everyone's fave carnivorous mouse on the front of your Electrophoretic Transfer demo?
chiasm: it's not a picture of him, but that was the time, yes.

DHR: If you could get the rights to cover one song, ANY song, what would it be? and what would be the key changes you'd make to give it your own sound?
chiasm: I did a cover of the Milkshake by Kelis. It's awesome and dark. People love it.
chiasm: hilarious to me

Piranha5p33d5: What are some of your fave pastimes Em?
chiasm: Writing music..
chiasm: i like star trek too.

PaladinGunn: chiasm, you said earlier that you knew the game before, but did you enjoy playing it, I mean the PnP game?
chiasm: I knew the series, but I haven't played the game.
PaladinGunn: and now that you are a part of the World Of Darkness (in a way at least) would you give it a try?
chiasm: yes, if I can find people to play with

ddarkeh: Do you play games if so what genre and are you a console or PC Fan?
chiasm: i bought halflife and quake when they first came out, but my computer kept crashing, so I got an xbox.

Piranha5p33d5: What is your fave TV show Em?
chiasm: navy:ncis because they played my music on it

Piranha5p33d5: Does it feel strange to be hearing your music on a TV show?
chiasm: yes, very surreal

Piranha5p33d5: Do you have any other genres of music that tickle your fancy? What do you enjoy kicking back to after a hard day?
chiasm: i've been liking tom waits recently

Die_Giant_Monster_Die: Have you ever worked with other artists on projects or are you strictly a one woman show?
chiasm: i did a remix album with Louis Diaz of Threat Level 5
chiasm: Chiasm vs. TL5
chiasm: if I'm working with someone else, it's usually a remix thing

Piranha5p33d5: How do you usually get in touch with someone you work with? Do u tend to go for people you know or on a basis of if their style merely intrigues you? Whats the process if any?
chiasm: by email. some people I know personally, others I know through the label, or not at all.
chiasm: we just swap remix kits. If it's good, maybe it'll be used for something.
Piranha5p33d5: The wonders of modern technology eh? Kinda makes you wonder how it was done when morse code was all the craze ;)
chiasm: yeah, I've never met Louis in person, but we did a whole album together:)
Piranha5p33d5: Thats impressive!
chiasm: i think so

PaladinGunn: do you plan on signing with a bigger label in the future, or do you fear that a more "mainstream" label would be to oppressive on your creativity?
chiasm: I do feel like a mainstream label would be oppressive, which is why I like COP International..I have complete creative freedom now.

Die_Giant_Monster_Die: What is a "swap remix kit"?
chiasm: I mean swap as in trade. We just mail discs to each other with audio clips, etc.

Aghast: Have you ever talked to Collide? I think a Collide/Chiasm ticket would be a pretty good one.
chiasm: Briefly, but not in length. I do like collide.

DanVanCrone: is "success" in the mainstream sense of the word even important to you?
chiasm: I'd like to be able to quit my dayjob, but not at that cost. I'm a fairly private person.

Someone: you use a mac or pc?
chiasm: I use a pc, but for music all hardware.

Someone: are you an analog or digital kinda person?
chiasm: i like both digital and analog

Piranha5p33d5: What is your stance on MP3 and piracy? Being an artist yourself, do you endorse the idea of 'free music to the masses', or is it a case of moderation?
chiasm: I'm waiting for the day the RIAA sues me for putting the music I wrote on the web.
DHR: lmao
DanVanCrone: i take it then that you think they're a bit misguided :)
chiasm: yes
Piranha5p33d5: Definately an Anarch at heart then :)
chiasm: i suppose
dan_upright: you say "misguided", but i think you meant "pack of bastards"
chiasm: :)
DanVanCrone: do you agree with the notion of a file-swapping free for all? like how it was 2 or 3 years ago?
chiasm: I still want people to buy the album
Piranha5p33d5: See, just hearing your track on Bloodlines made me instantly switched onto Chiasm. Moderation certainly helps when it comes to promotion.
chiasm: exactly
chiasm: I just ask that if people find something they like, they support the artist.

Piranha5p33d5: What are your future aspirations with Chiasm? Is there any aspect of the scene that you think isnt covered in a sense? Have u ever contemplated that far ahead?
chiasm: I've always written for myself, regardless of the scene. I picture myself at 70 years old, sitting behind my antique Korg Workstation, writing about mice that eat brains.
PaladinGunn: yeah maybe in the future that will be about cyber mice eating positronic brains
DanVanCrone: telekenetically!
Die_Giant_Monster_Die: Despite all my rage, I am still just a mouse eating brains.
DanVanCrone: rofl
chiasm: :) lol
DHR: lol

DHR: What sort of setup do you use while playing live?
chiasm: for live I usually just bring the Korg Prophecy, a mic, guitar, and backing tracks.

Piranha5p33d5: When you were studying at college, what kind of career does biopsych / genetics lead to?
chiasm: i'm a molecular biologist
chiasm: cloning laboratory
chiasm: fun stuff
Piranha5p33d5: Is that where the title of Bouncing Baby Clones comes from?
chiasm: yes, the bouncing baby clones song came from a sample on the news of a scientist faming that he'd fill the world with bouncing baby clones. I was very excited about this. haven't seen it yet, though.

DHR: If you could recommend any small scale artist who would it be? And why?
chiasm: Threat Level 5 because we have an album together. :)

dan_upright: what was the last album you bought?
chiasm: Brian Wilson - Smile
dan_upright: brian wilson of beach boys fame?
chiasm: yes
chiasm: i watched a documentary on his life and it was inspiring.
PaladinGunn: if I remember well, he spent some times in psychiatric asylums right?
chiasm: yeah, he had some issues, I figure most artists do.

DHR: Name one song that has enspired you in some way or another, and another that has had a lasting effect on your life.
chiasm: Skinny Puppy - Morpheous Laughing ..I'd listen to that song over and over, the Too Dark Park album introduced me to the whole scene. NIN - "Sin" 's had an effect too.

Piranha5p33d5: Do you like Tool Em?
chiasm: i like the cookie song

DHR: In reference to NIN then, whats the craziest thing you've ever done to get a sample?? I remember hearing stories of trent reznor spending hours blowing a straw into a microphone to get what he wanted.
chiasm: I duct-taped a mic to a camera tripod and hit it with metal sticks through some effects while singing into it..that was for bouncing baby clones.

dan_upright: how do you pronounce chiasm?
chiasm: Chi rhymes with buy or sky. then asm.
DanVanCrone: is the "ch" the same as "cheese" or "chlorine"
chiasm: ch is like a K

Die_Giant_Monster_Die: chiasm-- Favorite beverage?
chiasm: coffee or vodka.

Someone: so chiasm, what kinda analog synths you use?
chiasm: The Korg Prophecy is "virtual analog", and then there's the Novation Bass Station
Someone: you have the keyboard or rack version of the bass station?
chiasm: rack
Someone: cool

DHR: what was the first genre you got into, and do you use it as any base for your tracks now? (e.g. Liam Howlet used to be a hip hop/breakbeat dj which formed a basis for loads of the tracks he did early on)
chiasm: i got into industrial in 1992
chiasm: before that I only knew pop and classical, really
DHR: you familiar with klute?
chiasm: yes, i love klute
DHR: best track?
chiasm: incest. lol.
* kwn2k has joined #bloodlines
kwn2k: hey all..
DanVanCrone: lo
Aghast: Heya.
Elucidate: Mornin.
kwn2k: any news i haven't heard?
Someone: chiasm likes incest

DHR: chiasm: if you could re-write any film soundtrack, what would it be?
chiasm: I'd make a soundtrack for Metropolis, the silent film.
PaladinGunn: the fritz lang one
PaladinGunn: good choice I'd say

DHR: Thanks for taking the time to talk to everyone here chiasm, its rare people take the time out to.
chiasm: you're welcome
Die_Giant_Monster_Die: ...and it is noon. Ergo, we are not allowed to ask chiasm any more questions under penalty of death.
chiasm: :)
Elucidate: oh.. yes.. it is noon.
DanVanCrone: its always noon somewhere :)
DHR: later!
DanVanCrone: seeya dhr
chiasm: take care, thanks for including me.
chiasm: bye
* chiasm has quit IRC (Exit: Stay out of the daylight!)