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Classic Mega pack

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UPDATED TO V2.0 BY LENORA on 23rd January 2016! If you downloaded prior to this date, please download again!

Note: Please remove the ClassicMegaPack.nob from your main vampire directory before installing ClassicMegaPack 2.0.nob.

This update provides a small but useful fix that allows you to select wtd_tombstone07 or the pavilion (pictured here). The prop is also still almost completely walkable too, so yay! If you're having trouble selecting this prop, move your mouse to the edge of the pavilion.

Best of all, this version of the ClassicMegaPack is completely backwards compatible with the old version. So this version should not negatively impact your saved maps.

Older news below:

This is a compilation of wtd mega pack 1 + 2. It has props, NPCs, weapons, items... too many to really go into.

Its got fixes and improvements and is all done into 1 not file to help with the .not file limit in the game.

-Added a torch light to the monk2 lawman. Fixed monk2 lawman's animations. Neato!
-Fixed animation issues with several npcs.
-Some items didn't have icons. They do now.
-Improved the icon art.
-The quake3 weapons now have authentic sounds and kickass effects.
-Removed problematic templates. Some templates didn't have models AT ALL.
-Tweak down marine stats. Players should start with default settings like everyone else.
-Added scripts to various weapons like the reaper and canes. CHECK EM OUT!
-Some collision fixes to various items.
-Strange foley settings were found on various items. Fixed now.
-Added propper portait models to the marines. No more Ventrue goth portrait. SWEETNESS!


Rainmoon and WTD team

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