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Irish Vampire Clan Pack

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I was making these for an RP that fell through but it might still happen so I finished the pack. They arent exactly cannon but theyre rp type weapons. 7 items and a good few java files

3 Claws that do Fire, Disease and Elec damage 15-30 depending on attack and look really cool.

1 Amulet that turns you to Mist and allows you to pass through props

and locked doors. Cant attack or cast attacking disciplines in this form.

1 Ring that shoves you half into the wraith realm and allows you to see anything hidden. Cant cast disciplines in this form.

1 Potion that poisons your vitae killing anyone feeding on you.

Does 1 off poison damage to player adds multiple EF_poison to enemy killing them

1 Potion that increases speed but decreases Vitae

I didnt create any new Icons or models but used the lesser seen ones from the game instead.


Asher eben Rasheed

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