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VTMB Hi-Resolution NPC Pack

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VTMB Hi-Resolution NPC Pack #1

by Tessera


This is a simple, hi-res collection of textures for several prominent
characters in the game "Vampire -- The Masquerade: Bloodlines."

The characters included in this package are: Prince LaCroix, Damsel,
Yukie, Mercurio and the Gargoyle.

These are not nude re-skins, or anything of that nature (although I did
give Yukie a very sexy, see-through lace skirt). The goal behind these
textures is to enhance the sharpness and overall appearance of the
characters that each of the textures belongs to. In most cases, the NPC
had his or her resolution doubled, and then adjusted in various ways.

This package is a beta release -- which means that I may improve upon it
in the future... but for now, it definitely looks better than the default
models do (in my humble opinion).

These textures are in a large pixel format and have been significantly enhanced.
Do not attempt to use these textures with older or cheaper video cards, as their
increased size may be too much of a strain on low-end cards and as a result,
the characters may not display properly with such video cards. A fairly new
video card, with at least 256 megabytes of on-board video memory, is recommended
for the best results when using these hi-res textures. The author is not responsible
for any use or misuse of these textures. Be sure to install and use them properly.


Simply unpack this archive to a neutral location on your hard drive. Then, copy
the entire contents of the "Vampire" folder into your own VTMBVampire game folder.
Make sure that all sub-folders within this archive are copied to their correct locations.

The simplest way to install this mod is to simply drop the entire "Vampire" folder
(and all of its sub-folders) directly into your main VTMB folder. When asked if you wish
to overwrite any existing files, select "Yes to all" and the textures will then be
copied automatically to their correct locations.

You should end up with something that looks like this on your hard drive:

VTMBVampirematerialsmodelscharacternpc(Tessera's various mod folders)

(...where "VTMB" is the name of your main Bloodlines folder)

NOTE: The Gargoyle re-skin will be in a sub-folder within "characters" named "monster"


I can always be reached through my own website, located at:

Just look for me on my Forums. I hope you enjoy using this mod.

- Tessera -
June 16, 2007

VTMB Hi-Res NPC Pack #1



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