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Wednesday Night


This is a replacement skin that should work for any clan's female PC in Bloodlines. She's a bit of a punk rocker with some style cues taken from the Addams family. The model is one of the Sabbat models that does not appear to be used in game. I've modified it a bit to alter the hair and button her pants for her (was that really a thing in the 00's?).

I used a spec map to create reflections off of her studded belt, zippers, and leather pants. Let me know if you think the effect is too pronounced (there's a fine line between matte and latex).

Installation instructions can be found in the readme.txt file in the archive.

I started with a texture from the Lasombra mod below, which is in turn based upon the Gangrel skin (also below). I could not successfully extract the necessary textures from the game's VPK files (they came out rainbow colored). So, thank you to both Greywaste and Mukridzsin, as this would've been much more time consuming without that as a starting point.

An additional thank you to Comacold for user of her black lace stock´╗┐:



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