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Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption


Developed by Nihilistic Software Inc. and published by Activision, Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption is a PC game that launched June 7th, 2000.

Single Player

The story is an epic saga that spans 800 years. You play as a caped crusader named Christof Romuald who falls in love with a nun named Anezka. After slaying a powerful Tzimisce vampire named Ahzra and her Szlachta minions, Christof attracts the attention of the Brujah vampire clan. The Brujah decide that Christof would make a powerful ally as a Brujah vampire so their leader Ecaterina embraces Christof into their dark world. Anezka attempts to seek out Christof, but is taken by the enemies of the Brujah clan. Christof attempts to seek out Anezka while having to wade his way through vampire politics and his never ending struggle to keep his humanity.

Will you be able to find Anezka before the World of Darkness consumes her? Will you loose your humanity and give in to your inner monster? Or will you find... redemption?

Multiplayer & The Nod SDK

Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption features a tabletop style multiplayer feature that allows for endless possibilities. Choose from a variety of empty locations that are based on the single player campaign and fill those locations up with NPC's, items, and monsters using the storyteller tools. Using the Nod SDK, you can also create new maps, quests, items, enemies, and more for a truly unique multiplayer experience.