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World of Darkness
Platform: PC
Genres: Massively Multiplayer Online, Horror, Action
Developed by: CCP hf.
Production began: pre-production in 2006, fullscale production in 2009
Release date: Expected in "2012 at the earliest"
Frequently Asked Questions
The primary point of contact for this FAQ is non applicable. If you find any news that is not yet on here (but should be), just let him know. If he's not available, PM _username as a backup.

FAQ last updated 26 September 2010.

Who is making World of Darkness?
The game has been in development by Crowd Control Productions (commonly known as CCP) since 2006. In 2008 primary development was moved from the company's Reykjavik office to its new Atlanta office. This was reportedly done to better facilitate the cooperation between the MMO's developers and the White Wolf staff who develop the tabletop games in which the MMO is set. The project reportedly went into fullscale production March 2009.

Will the game be set in the Old World of Darkness or the New one? Updated 2010.09.26
In September 2010 CCP revealed that the MMO will be set in the Old World of Darkness, prominently featuring Vampire: the Masquerade. However, CCP also emphasized that they have incorporated lessons learned from both New and Old settings in the development of game mechanics for the MMO.

Can I play as a Vampire, a Werewolf, a Mage, etc.? Added 2010.09.26
At this point it seems clear that CCP will launch the game with Vampires as a class of playable characters, but we do not yet know if other game lines will be playable. A article mentioned concept art depicting a werewolf, but this has not been confirmed by any official CCP/WW sources.

When will it be released? Updated 2010.09.26
There is no release date yet, but in June 2007 CCP set a tentative timeframe for a release in 2011 or 2012. In September 2010 they indicated that the game would probably be launched "in 2012 at the earliest." March 2010 footage from the Game Developers Conference depicted what appears to be a partially functional game engine, leading many to believe that a 2012 timeframe is still realistic. It is commonly believed that CCP's development of Incarna (for Eve Online) will impact the release of WoD since the two games are based on the same graphics engines. Incarna is expected to launch the summer of 2011, potentially giving CCP a year to field test it before the launch of WoD.

Will there be an Open or Closed Beta?
It's far too early to tell, but a great many MMO developers use both Open and Closed Betas to test their product. As soon as we get word of a Beta, rest assured we will be all over it.

Will there be subscription fees?
Judging from CCP's current MMO EVE Online, there will most likely be a subscription fee for the World of Darkness game. However, this has not been confirmed by CCP.

Does CCP or White Wolf bother to read this forum?
Based on Brettwick's conversation with CCP at GDC 2008, they do read this forum (and others) from time to time. Obviously, there is no guarantee that they will implement any of our ideas, but they might! So if you have a clever idea or a concern, our forum is definitely the place to discuss it.
Press Releases
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